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No, these banners are delivered by email in both PDF and PNG format. You may upload the PDF file to any online printing website to have printed. Or you can send the PDF file to any printing company you wish. The PNG can be used to display your new banner on social networks or even your own personal website.

Yes! As long as you upload the photo you want to use on the banner for EACH order you add to your cart, you can order as many banner designs as you wish.

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Our standard FREE edits take 5 days. In a hurry? We offer 24 and 48 hour EXPRESS email delivery for an additional fee during checkout.

After we receive your order with your player photo attached, we then remove the background of the photo and carefully edit (blend) your photo to fit the custom background you ordered P.S. The original photo quality you send is what goes on the background. We do not make alterations to your photos so please make sure to send us high quality photos for best results.

Yes, after the order has been placed, and the payment has been made, you will receive an invoice by email for your records.


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